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School of Law Research

Academics in the School of Law at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand are leaders in their respective fields of research. The School of Law continues to make significant contributions both nationally and internationally to the understanding and operation of law and government at every level.

Published contributions

Members of the School have authored cornerstone treatises in New Zealand law in areas such as contract, tort, public law, media law, and professional ethics. The faculty is relied upon heavily by the profession in respect of its contribution to professional scholarship in areas which include crime and family law. A number of members of the school are authors of works forming part of the encyclopaedic Laws of New Zealand.

Research areas

The school has a number of academics researching into the international dimensions of law and is at the forefront of research into legal responses to climate change, regionalism in international law, international criminal law, and humanitarian law.

International contributions

Members of the school are highly regarded in the international academic community; publishing scholarly works is international journals and presenting their work at meetings of the wider legal and academic community both in New Zealand and overseas.

Postgraduate research

The research activity in the school is reflected in a robust postgraduate programme which encourages postgraduate students to undertake research based study under the supervision of New Zealand's leading legal scholars and for students to contribute to the body of legal knowledge generated by the school.

More information

We invite you to look at the People pages of members of the school to see for yourself the considerable contribution that each continues to make.