Dr Kennedy GrahamDr Kennedy Graham


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BCom (Auckland), BA (Wellington), MA (Boston),
PhD (Wellington)

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School of Law
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand


Kennedy Graham is Senior Adjunct Fellow at the School of Law (2007 - 10), having held a research fellowship for the previous two years. The fellowship facilitated a research project on ‘alternative models of regional governance for Pacific Island States’.

Dr. Graham holds a B. Com (Auckland), MA in International Relations (Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Boston), and a Ph.D. (Victoria University, Wellington). He has received Fulbright and Fletcher scholarships, a McCarthy Fellowship (1986), and was Quartercentenary Fellow at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, England (1995).

Dr. Graham served in the NZ foreign service for 16 years, specializing in global security and the UN, his last diplomatic assignment being counsellor in the NZ Mission to the United Nations in Geneva. He has lived and worked in nine countries in Asia, the Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

From 1999 to 2004 he worked for the United Nations University, first as Director of its Leadership Academy (Amman, Jordan; 1999-2002); then as director of its Regional Security & Global Governance Project (Bruges, Belgium; 2002-4). In 2004 he was commissioned to provide a paper for the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Paper on Threats, Challenges and Change.

In 2005-6 he has been Senior Consultant to the UN’s Dept. of Political Affairs in New York, assisting in the preparation and convening of the Secretary-General’s high-level meetings, and the Security Council’s meetings, with regional organizations.


Dr. Graham has had many articles on international relations published in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, Germany, the UK and the US.
His four books are:

  • Models of Regional Governance - Sovereignty and the Architecture of Pacific Regionalism (University of Canterbury Press, Christchurch; 2008)
  • Regional Security and Global Governance; A study of interaction between regional agencies and the UN Security Council with a proposal for a regional global security mechanism (UN University CRIS/ VUB Institute for European Studies, 2006)
  • The Planetary Interest: An Emerging Concept for the Global Age, ed. (UCL Press, London & Rutgers UP, New Jersey; 1999);
  • National Security Concepts of States: New Zealand (Taylor & Francis for UNIDIR; New York, 1989).

Other recent publications include;

  • Regional Organizations and Collective Security: The Role of the European Union in Chaillot Paper No. 78, EU Institute for Strategic Studies (Paris, June 2005);
  • The EU and the UN: Partners in Crisis Management, European Policy Centre Working Paper No. 13 (Brussels, November 2004).


Dr. Graham serves on a number of advisory boards including the:

  • Public Advisory Group on Disarmament and Arms Control (Wellington)
  • NZ Institute of International Affairs (Christchurch)
  • Conflict Prevention Project of the International Crisis Group (Brussels)
  • EU & Global Governance Programme of the European Policy Centre (Brussels)
  • Khan Foundation of Bangladesh (Dhaka)

Dr Graham is visiting professor at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. He has also been commissioned to prepare a feasibility study for the establishment of the Anna Lindh Chair in Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management, to be located in Europe.