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New Law Students

Welcome to the University of Canterbury School of Law

This page is designed to be a helpful tool to you as you study towards your law degree. We want to help you quickly become familiar with the people, places and processes at the University of Canterbury and at the School of Law, so you can make the most of your time spent with us.

What Do These Words Mean?

Glossary of University Terms

Where Do I Get Information?

UC Website

The UC website is a good starting point for information about everything at the university. Websites are constantly updated and offer helpful links.

School of Law Website

Key information for law students is posted on The School of Law website which is the best source for the most current information.

Student handbooks and UC Calendar

Each year, the School of Law produces both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Handbooks. If you want a print version, these are available from reception. PDF versions of handbooks are found on the School of Law website.

Handbooks contain information for current students:

  • Important dates
  • Lecture, tutorial and examination timetables
  • Academic and study information for law students
  • Services and advice for students
  • Processes and procedures

The University of Canterbury Calendar (available in electronic format from the UC website) is the definitive source for official information on the regulations of your qualification, courses, procedures and fees.

People - just ask!

The College of Business and Law reception desk is on level 2 of the Business and Law Building. This is a good place to go for information. A staff member at reception will be able to make appointments for you to see the Academic and Student Manager. There is also a supply of printed information available there.

You can also email the Law School for information on:

Academic staff and tutors

Academic staff and tutors are happy to help you. You can contact them in person at lectures, at tutorial sessions, or during their office hours, which are generally posted on their office doors. You can email or telephone to make an appointment. Contact details are available on the website.

Your student email

Your student email address is an important point of contact. The School of Law staff contact students in this way to notify lecture or tutorial changes or cancellations, especially if these are due to sickness or emergencies. You may also get other important reminders sent to your student email. Please check regularly.

Notice boards

There are notice boards around the School of Law building on most levels. Urgent information, such as changes to venues or cancellations are posted in the main foyer. Other notice boards throughout the building contain tutorial timetables, scholarship information, employment opportunities, LAWSOC information and general information for students.


The University of Canterbury Students' Association (UCSA) exists to represent students and provides many services. See the UCSA website for details.