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Bachelor of Laws

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at the University of Canterbury is an internationally recognised degree, with the Law School ranked in the top 100 (or 3%) of law schools worldwide. Courses are taught by Faculty members who are world-ranked and regarded as leading experts in their fields. It is a source of pride for our students that they are taught by the authors of the leading textbooks in New Zealand. The four-year law degree comprises compulsory 100 and 200 level courses (providing students with a solid background in core legal knowledge and skills), and optional 300 level courses (where students can choose to focus in one area, or study a range of different aspects of law). UC Law graduates are seen as well-rounded and highly competent, skilled in critical thinking and legal analysis. They secure jobs not only as lawyers but as judges clerks, governmental policy analysts, and in leadership positions in the business community.

Students undertaking the LLB will receive a challenging and high-quality education. Most LLB student choose to broaden their studies by undertaking a double degree (for example in Criminal Justice, Commerce, Arts or Science) which not only complements their law degree but also enhances their future employability.

UC Law has a strong reputation in the traditional areas of law (for example Criminal, Constitutional and Contract Law), but also offers innovative courses in areas of emerging interest (for example Media Law, Law and Sport, Medical Law or Antarctic Legal Studies).  There is a strong focus on the student learning experience, with three Faculty members having received University Teaching Awards in the last three years.

One of the smaller Law Schools in New Zealand, the UC Law Faculty sees this as an opportunity to get to know our students as individuals, and works with the two law student associations, Lawsoc and Te Putairiki, to put on a wide range of social activities throughout the year.

Unique to UC Law is a focus on practical skills, through internships and community engagement, including volunteering with Community Law Canterbury or in the UC Clinical Legal Programme. Students are also encouraged to enter law competitions: mooting, client interviewing, negotiation and witness examination, and UC teams are highly competitive at national and international competitions. 

The LLB degree does not require students to have a background in any specific subject at school, and entry into the first year is open to all students with University Entrance. Students considering undertaking an LLB are, however, encouraged to study subjects at school which will enhance their reading, writing and analytical skills. Entry into second year (as is the case in most NZ Law Schools) is subject to limited entry based on first year results, and students are advised in their first semester as to how to apply for admission into second year.

Degree Stucture and Regulations

Bachelor of Laws Careers

A law degree will provide graduates with skills that will be useful in many professions.You may download a Law careers brochure from here.