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UC students make the world their campus

22 December 2016 With summer here, hundreds of UC students are heading around the globe to gain hands-on experiences, learn new skills and make a difference in communities near and far. (read article)

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Discover UC

Discover UC

Watch a short video clip to hear UC commerce and law student Claire talk about her UC experience.

More Law

More Law

Studying Law at UC gives you the chance to learn from the lecturers who write the textbooks. Find out how Jennifer enjoys her studies and is challenging herself.

Law at UC

Law at UC

Michael Copeland talks about what he loves about studying Law at university of Canterbury and the opportunities it provides for law internships and community engagement.

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Whether you're new to UC or a returning student, take the time to get course and degree advice for the Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Criminal Justice.

‘The academic staff at UC are very understanding and accommodating with students at postgrad level...’

Aishwarya S. Bagchi Studying towards a PhD in Law
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Announcements and Events

The New Lawyer

Podcast for junior lawyers and law students entitled “The New Lawyer” launched, traversing all aspects of junior practice and career development. View here.

New Zealand Law Foundation: Latest legal research projects

The New Zealand Law Foundation is funding several major projects led or co-led by UC Law academics. These include: Rethinking Surrogacy Laws (Debra Wilson, Rhonda Powell, Annick Masselot, John Caldwell, Natalie Baird and others), Feminist Judgments Project Aotearoa (co-led by Rhonda Powell and Elisabeth McDonald (VUW), Annick Masselot, Ursula Cheer, Natalie Baird and others), Disaster Proofing the Law (Jeremy Finn, Liz Toomey and John Hopkins) and The Brain Does Not Lie: Use Of Forensic Brain Scan Analysis and Neuroscience in Criminal And Civil Investigations (Robin Palmer and Debra Wilson).

For more information about these, and other Law Foundation projects, watch some of the Snapshot Series, in which academics talk about their research, and subscribe to the Law Foundations’ YouTube Channel. More details here

UC Connect: Rewriting Judgments: Feminism in Action

New Zealand lawyers and legal academics are part of a global project in which they are challenged to think about the law in a different way to rewrite key judgments. Feminist Judgments Project Aotearoa: Te Rino contributes to the growing collection of international publications containing rewritten judicial decisions and was the subject of a recent UC Connect panel discussion (read more)

Brexit: a view from afar

In a “light” and “accessible” legal seminar, Professor Philip Joseph explored the giant leap into the unknown that the vote for Brexit has triggered (read more)

Law education responding to technology

In a Law Talk article, Professor Ursula Cheer comments that technological developments may be very useful in making justice more accessible to those who cannot currently afford to pay a lawyer or go to court, perhaps through low level forms of online dispute resolution (read the Law Talk article online)

Beyond lie detectors -The brain does not lie

What if we had the technology to read your mind? UC School of Law is leading a New Zealand Law Foundation funded project to investigate the forensic potential of brain scanning technology. Project leader Professor Robin Palmer, Director of Clinical Legal Studies, says forensic brain scan analysis had much more potential as a forensic tool than traditional lie detectors, or polygraphs.(read the media release and Herald article online)

Longitudinal Study of law students

A group of UC Law academics (joined by the Universities of Auckland and Waikato) are undertaking a longitudinal study of the experiences and expectations of law students from their first year of study through to their first years in the workplace. It is hoped that the results of this study will provide valuable insights into the law student experience, which may help inform and improve teaching practices. Read more about the study and some of its results.

Dean's Awards for International Post-Graduate Students

All international students studying towards the degree of LLM in the school of law are eligible for Dean's awards of up to NZ$3,000. These will be awarded to academically eligible students and can be used only to offset student fees to the University. For more details and to discuss eligibility, please contact the Director of the relevant programme.

Spotlight on 'invisible women' shaping the law

As part of the College's Diversity Events, the School of Law hosted a "Women in Law" seminar to present the stories of women behind significant cases that have changed or developed the law (read more)

How to stop a defamation claim

UC School of Law Professor Ursula Cheer appeared on Radio NZ commenting about how the media can best fight off defamation claims which have little to no substance, listen to the Radio NZ podcast

Laws 101 Scavenger Hunt

First Year Laws 101 students raced to complete the Laws 101 Scavenger Hunt on Friday 11th March. Take a look at them in action.